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Holiday Gift Ideas!

Updated: Nov 28, 2021


Kitten Cuts!

Kitten Cuts is a six-pack of two-ounce mini-bars of our wonderful aromatherapy soaps! You'll get a random selection of these fine soaps, each individually wrapped and boxed, inside of the convenient Kitten Cuts Six-Pack carrying box. These are great gifts, stocking stuffers, and a good chance to try a wide variety of our soaps at a very reasonable price -- two dollars off the price if you had bought three full-sized bars! We now have available 12 varieties of aromatherapy soaps, which you can see listed on our website at the link above! If you so desire, we can even offer the 12-pack of Kitten Cuts and you'll not get a duplicate; you just have to ask us, and we'll be glad to do it!

Four-Piece Bundles!

Four-piece bundles are a wonderful gift set and include one Oatmeal & Honey bar, one Oatmeal & Honey scrub bar, one Oatmeal & Honey shampoo bar and a 10-ounce bottle of our amazing body lotion, all for the discounted price of $20! These are excellent all-natural skin health soaps with tons of moisturizers to leave your skin feeling great. They're awesome for dry skin, acne, oily skin, eczema, psoriasis, or just because you love a great soap that smells out-of-this-world delicious! They're locally made in the USA, right here in the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky, as a matter of fact! Made in America, baby; that's the way to go. No waiting, no supply chain interruption, no ships waiting off the coast; they're all in stock and ready to go. Hit the four-piece bundles link at the start of this paragraph and you can see all the varieties available.

Aromatherapy Soap Five-Piece Bundles!

Another great gift idea is our aromatherapy soap five-piece bundles! You'll get your choice of five aromatherapy soap bars for a special price of $20! We have several new flavors now, for a total of 12 different product variants. All you need to do to order is hit that link, go to the website page and list in the required text box which five flavors you'd like in your custom-ordered bundle, and we'll make it happen just for you!

All-Natural Lip Balm Five-Packs!

We now offer some very awesome and convenient all-natural lip balms five-packs, available in your choice of Cherry, Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, and we have just added a brand new flavor, everybody's favorite -- Peppermint! These come in a nice little five-pack box that you can fit just about anywhere, like somebody's Christmas stocking!

3-Piece Skin Health Bundles for Men!

We've just rolled out another new item, this time with those manly guys in mind! This is a 3-piece skin health bundle, the perfect all-natural gift set for any guy. The Southern Caracal 3-Piece Skin Health Bundle includes a HUGE 6.6 ounce soap bar, a 6 ounce Mane & Beard Shampoo bar formulated specially for men to take care of that tough winter beard and is also a fine shampoo, and a 10 ounce bottle of our super-hydrating body lotion for when your skin gets all dried out from the cold, then the artificial forced-air Sahara-dry heating systems, then back out in the cold, and repeat....

Available in three fantastic flavors: Our very popular Bourbon Tobacco, Dark Strawberry, and pleasing Sandalwood. Guys, do a buddy a favor and get him one of these as a gift, or ladies, y'all know ya want to take care of your man. We're offering up the perfect gift set just for all of ya, all at the special bundle price of $18!



Well, there you now have our suggestions for some amazing gift ideas! But there's many, many more products available in many lines at our website. We' suggest you head on over to and see for yourself all we have to offer.

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season! We hope you have a great meal with lots of good food -- and desserts, the best part of any holiday meal! We ask you to please, if you have to travel, be careful out there! And when you're all done with the meal, the traveling, the football game and the family activities, we hope you check out some Southern Caracal products. It's time to go shopping!

Thanks, and all our best to all of you!

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