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How to use our CBD 1000mg soap in the most efficient way

So just a couple of weeks ago, we've rolled out one of our most anticipated and cherished products—the CBD 1000mg Oatmeal & Honey 5.5 oz bars which come in three scents (flavors): our signature Jazzmine Apricot, Bourbon Tobacco (which is considerably sweeter and has more of a taffy/cherry scent), and an unscented bar.

I'm a strong believer that one shouldn't be selling something they don't use themselves. My mother used to say, "Why buy a cat in a bag?" when she wouldn't be sure what is she buying exactly, and the vendor wouldn't know their product very well. So why buy a cat in a bag, right?

Ever since Southern Caracal came into existence, I have been using all of our products and carefully monitoring the results over days, weeks, and months.

I want to be sure that when I look my clients in the eye and tell them that our Oatmeal & Honey bars don't leave a stretchy feeling, deeply moisturize the skin, cleanse it, make it feel, and look better, I know it from experience. Granted, I don't have problematic skin, and neither do I suffer from ailments like acne, psoriasis, or eczema.

However, I do tend to have drier skin in the cooler months of the year, and I don't like that feeling of stretchiness. Most of the time, I'm dealing with cat scratches and drier areas that all of us should be taking extra care of, such as elbows, knees, heels, and soles.

Well, I declare! Our Oatmeal & Honey soap bars (and scrub bars) do work as intended, especially if you couple a soap bar like that with one of our lotions. Say goodbye to dry stretchy skin or to excessively oily skin!

But let me get back on track with my today's topic.

So now, since we have these amazing Oatmeal & Honey soap bars which combine the multitude of health benefits coming from oats and honey with the medicinal properties of the 100% THC-free CBD oil recovered from CBD isolate which is derived from our own best-grade Kentucky hemp, how do you maximize the effects of this soap on your skin?!

How do you use it properly on a day-to-day basis?

After all, we claim that this soap helps relieve arthritis, inflammation, pains, and aches while also dealing with your acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, or just cleaning your skin.

It might seem like a silly thing to even discuss in a blog post but hear me out.

See, most people are used to the effects and the use of commercially manufactured big-store soap. I can't and won't name and brand names, of course, but you know what I'm talking about. Usually, these soaps are harsh and sting your eyes, problematic areas, and tender skin. Why is that? Well, that's because they contain harmful chemicals which drain your skin as they deal with the funk and dirt you're washing off. This same general rule applies to a broad variety of body washes, as well.

Bottom line is, these commercial soaps and body washes aren't designed to actually treat, heal, and nourish your skin. They clean you up but all too often leave you with stretchy dry skin that begs for nourishment. If you use these products routinely on a daily basis, be sure they will age your skin a lot faster than it's supposed to age.

Why am I saying all this?

Most of us have it ingrained in us that all you have to do is lather up, get that dirt and sweat off, then rinse off, and get dry. That's it! Job done. Many of us have childhood memories of bar soap eating our eyes or nose. So the habit instilled in us over the course of our lifetime is to rinse thoroughly and quickly.

It's not a bad habit but if you are using our Oatmeal & Honey soap (CBD or not), the most effective way would be to act differently. Meaning? Hold your horses. Don't hurry.

...Actually, let's wash our hands together. I've got some pictures for you. Picking up our CBD bar is up to you, I have mine here.

Step 1

Open the tap and hold your hands in the running warm or hot water for a few moments. This will allow your pores to open up and get ready for the lather.

I usually keep my hands in warm water for at least 20-30 seconds.

Now, pick up your CBD Oatmeal & Honey bar and start gently rubbing the bar like you usually do with any other bar soap.

I wash my hands up to the elbows, and I would recommend this same approach if you are using our soaps as well.

Why is this relevant? Because it maximizes the area of ingestion. (Yes, our skin is an actual whole organ of its own, and it "eats" or "consumes" things).

Step 2

Lather up your hands thoroughly. Frankly, you can't really overdo it with our soap.

On a side note, I have to add that this soap bar lathers differently depending on if you're using a shower sponge or not. As you can see from the images on the right, the lather isn't super thick, and nor is it very foamy. This is because the CBD Oatmeal & Honey bar doesn't have all the artificial chemicals usually contained in commercially manufactured bars. Yes, they put those chemicals there just so that you will get the illusion of something substantial. However, there's a difference between their lather/foam and ours.

To get really thick foam from our soap, when in the shower, water your shower sponge, also water the bar, and rub the bar well against the sponge, then rub your body with the sponge. You will be surprised what a rich foam you'll get!

But this time, we're just washing hands, so there ain't not gonna be no sponges.

Do you see the glistening of my skin in the images to the right? That's the oils and honey coming out. The amount of lather and foam I have on my hands here is more than enough to thoroughly wash my hands all the way up to the elbows.

Important! Take your time. Once you lather up your hands with the bar, set it aside, and continue to rub the lather into your skin in sliding/soothing motions.

Let it sit like that for a minute while still gently massaging your fingers, knuckles, elbows, and palms. Remember? We've opened the pores with warm water for a reason. We want to get all of 'em nutrients and fancy oils and the CBD under the skin! So give it a little time, especially if you do have skin ailments or suffer from arthritis or aches in your hands.

Step 3

Well, now it's time to rinse your hands.

Simply put them under the jet of water and allow the water to wash the lather off but don't rub it off. The water will take as much as it can from the surface of the skin.

Pick up a soft towel and pat your hands till dry. Again, don't rub.

Step 4

Now, this step isn't necessary but is recommended for maximum results if you have one of our all-natural lotions. Perhaps, you're using it for the first time? Well, it's a good thing you have it with you. You won't need much, just a pea-sized dab of it. Like this...

The purpose of the lotion (aside from the obvious extra-moisturizing effect) is to seal the oils, including the CBD oil, that your skin has just absorbed from the soap lather. That's also why I told you to not rub your skin with a towel but only gently pat the skin dry.

In the same soothing massaging motion, spread the lotion all over your hands: between the fingers, on the palms, wrists, and don't forget your elbows!

The lotion will absorb too, in a matter of a couple of minutes, depending on the time of the year, ambient temperature, and humidity.

Enjoy the effects! Now, you've gotten the absolute most out of your CBD Oatmeal & Honey soap bar and didn't miss a beat in the process. Everything that your skin needed and craved, it took in. Now, your warm massaged clean hands will have better blood circulation so all the nutrients, vitamins, and oils, including the medicinal CBD oil will start doing their job right under your skin.

They started doing that when you first lathered up, but well... Now, they're really getting at it!

Relax and enjoy!