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Kitten Cuts and Oatmeal & Honey soaps restocked!


Kitten Cuts Six-Packs

Southern Caracal is pleased to announce that we're completely restocked on our tiny little meows, Kitten Cuts! Our Kitten Cuts Six-Packs include six different 2-ounce mini-bars of aromatherapy soaps, individually packaged, with a random sample selection process. However, you'll not get two that are the same variety! These make wonderful gift packs that you can give as a set or break down and split up however you please!

And we've expanded our line of aromatherapy soaps, so it's possible you could get two six-packs and not get a duplicate! In fact, if you order two, we'll be SURE to make it so that you get one of each of our 12 aromatherapy soap varieties! There's some really fantastic great-smelling soaps here that you're going to love; ya just gotta try them!


Oatmeal & Honey Soaps

We are restocked on three of our most popular Oatmeal & Honey soaps: Orangesicle, Black Raspberry and Cherry Almond! These three soaps are totally delicious, although we don't really recommend eating them! With summer here now, you're going to want a soap that a good moisturizer, and these are among the best soaps for that. With a fine blend of oatmeal and honey, as well as oils and shea butter, you can't go wrong. These soaps will help to combat a wide variety of skin conditions from dry and itchy skin to eczema and psoriasis. Aside from that, they smell great. You should definitely order more than one, 'cause you're going to need them!

As you can tell, Dean "Tigrik" Winchester, our very own mini-caracal, totally loves these soaps. If Dean enjoys these soaps, why wouldn't you? So MEOW to that!

Visit to see the complete lineup of all-natural skin care products, soaps, lotions, lip balms and accessories! Thank you!

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