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Kitten Cuts, Bay Rum, Mango Papaya and Bath Bombs!


All NEW Kitten Cuts! Mini Meows!

Introducing the Kitten Cuts Six-Pack, a sampler of six different mini-bars of our fine aromatherapy soaps! These approximately two-ounce bars are individually wrapped and boxed and come in a specially-designed Kitten Cuts carrier six-pack box. This is a variety pack that allows the customer to sample our different aromatherapy soaps, share with friends or family, use as gifts, or just try out something new ahead of purchasing full-sized bars. The Kitten Cuts six-pack comes at a 15% discount as opposed to buying three full-sized aromatherapy bars, so why not try a six-pack soon?


NEW Bay Rum Aromatherapy soap bars!

Bay Rum is a delightful aromatherapy soap that has a warm and spicy scent, reminiscent of, well, Bay Rum! This is a masculine scent with elements of cinnamon, orange and patchouli, with notes of nutmeg and clove. The color is an amazing rich, dark brown, but the scent is its most special characteristic. It's spicy! As with all of our soaps, Bay Rum is all natural and handcrafted in the American south. You have to try this one to get the full impact! You can even wear a patch over one eye, matey!


Mango Papaya Aromatherapy soap bars!

Mango Papaya is a fine aromatherapy soap with the scents of mango, papaya and coconut. It's a soothing tropical blend that will help you relax. The coloring is fantastic, a bright yellow with dark red swirls! If you're into rich, fruity scents, this one is specifically for you!


More Bath Bombs!

As you can readily see from the video, not only are we resupplied on bath bombs, but we have a lot more on hand and ready to go for y'all. We really couldn't believe how popular these were on the first round, and we sold out quickly, so we've doubled down on quantities this time to get a good supply for y'all. There's some new flavors here, and some of the ones we had the first time weren't available for re-order, so it's best to check the page on the website for Bath Bombs to see the available varieties.

By the way, the music in the video is an original composition called "Chocolate" by our very own CEO, Catherine Corelli!



So that's it for Blog Post #5! The intent here was to keep all our customers and friends up to date on our product line. We love introducing new products for y'all to check out and enjoy! And we'll have more coming. We're always working hard to bring you something special, so very soon we'll announce the cool stuff we have coming for fall and the Halloween season, as well as the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays! Stay in touch, leave us your thoughts and comments, we're always open to suggestions, and we hope you enjoy all of our products! We hope to continue to Make Soap Fun Again with Southern Caracal!

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