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Limited Edition Halloween Boxes!


Southern Caracal, in our unending efforts to Make Soap Fun Again, will be offering some very special, kinda spooky and VERY cool Limited Edition Halloween boxes for five of our most popular varieties of soap: Oatmeal & Honey Cherry Almond, Oatmeal & Honey Orangesicle, Oatmeal & Honey Black Raspberry, our signature scent, Jazzmine Apricot, and our well-liked Bourbon Tobacco For Manly Men!

Get a first look at these awesome packages!

As always, we like to treat our customers very well, because without you dedicated folks, we're just another average soap company. So we're putting a little something extra into these Limited Edition Halloween boxes! These are great for the young ones, friends, family, gifts, or just to have one for your own self as a treat.

As always, our soaps in these special boxes are made from the finest all-natural ingredients, (in the Great State of Kentucky -- many wonderful soaps on all sides, read in Donald Trump's voice) great for healing dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or acne, and will leave your skin feeling great while smelling fantastic!

Each box is painstakingly hand made! For the Limited Edition Halloween boxes, we've started out with heavy, black poster board and cut them to the shape of our regular boxes, by hand. Then we've extracted the always-present elements from our usual boxes, cut them out and glued them onto the black poster board form one at a time, folded the form into box shape, then added some special Halloween theme elements on the reverse side: Jack-O-Lanterns, witches on broomsticks, bats, Haunted Caracals (black cats are SO cliché), spider webs, ravens, ghosts, and owls! Then it's just a matter of gluing, drying, and ....

The finishing touch, which you can't see in any of these photos, because we haven't done it yet, is to coat all the boxes with a high-gloss acrylic glaze to make them extra-shiny and unique! You've NEVER seen a soap packaged like this. Each box will be unique, different from all the rest, and a handcrafted original creation.

And with all this extra work and special care, you might expect some crazy, ridiculous price as many companies put forth for "special" holiday content. We're not going to do that here at Southern Caracal. As a special Thank You to our fantastic customers, these soaps in the Limited Edition Halloween boxes will be sold at our usual low price. Our goal is and always has been to bring our customers the finest soaps, with quality packaging, at the lowest possible price. With out-of-control inflation and a crazy economy, we're always seeking to bring quality, value and a professional product with a great look!

So what does it look like when it's done, you ask? Well, here ya go!


We will have these available on Friday, October 8 for sale to anyone who's interested and, if there's a sufficient demand, we will keep making them right up until Halloween! We hope you'll enjoy these special Limited Edition Halloween boxes, and of course love our soaps and all-natural skin care products!

Thank you for shopping with Southern Caracal, and a Happy Halloween to all.

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