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Make Soap Fun Again with Southern Caracal: Rewards points and Twitter!


The Rewards program!

Y'all know we like to have some fun here at Southern Caracal! But this time we're inviting our customers to join in the fun, earn points, and get rewards, such as discounts on future orders from our website!

How do we do this, you ask?

And the answer is: It's really easy! All you need to do to get started is go to our website and create a rewards account. There's now a bright orange (of course) button on the page that says Rewards! Click there, and proceed to create your rewards account on!

Once you've created your account, there's a good number of ways to earn points redeemable for discounts on future purchases! So I'll show you the list here:

How does 10 points for every dollar spent sound? For example, if you order $100 worth of product, you receive 1,000 points and get a 10 percent future discount, which amounts to $10 off that future purchase!

Your birthday is coming up? If you have established your rewards account 30 days in advance of your birthday, you receive 200 points! Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter? 50 points each. Share our website on Facebook? 50 points. Share our message on Twitter? 50 points. See how fast you can get a TON of rewards points? I told you this was going to be fun!

Therefore, I would highly encourage any of y'all that like our products to join the rewards program! It's a great way to get some discounts on our entire line of products.

Also, if you subscribe to our website, we'll also be able to send you emails containing coupons and special offers. No need to worry, we're not going to spam the hell outta ya. At Southern Caracal, we love to exhibit our southern hospitality and treat our friends and most loyal customers very well. It's our pleasure.


We have a brand new Twitter account!

So, I kind of let that spunky Caracal kitten out of the bag on this point in the last section of today's blog, but....We have a Twitter account now. You can follow us on Twitter @SouthernCaracal!

Our Twitter account will be used to provide information of what's going on at Southern Caracal, just like our Facebook and Instagram page. We'll be providing information on new products, any sales, special offers and just general updates as to what us crazy cats are doing!

And again, the FUN part, you follow us on Twitter, you get 50 rewards points if you're now participating in our rewards program! See, that app is called Smile for a reason; we want all our friends and customers to be happy and get a little something extra for giving your valuable business to Southern Caracal.

Now, there's also a reward for sharing our website with a message on Twitter. You can see that here:

Simply make a tweet, share with the message: I love Southern Caracal! Y'all should check them out! 50 rewards points to ya.

AND, if you're not already following us on Instagram, go over there and follow us @southerncaracal for another 50 rewards points. Those points are going to build up FAST!



So as always, we're looking to bring something different in everything we do. We could just sell soap, but really, there's a ton of soap companies out there. So what we enjoy is going with a little extra effort to bring the best experience to our customers and Make Soap Fun Again!

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