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New Products, And More Coming Soon!


5-piece Aromatherapy Soap Bundles!

We have added a new five-piece bundle of our Aromatherapy soaps for a very special price of just $20!

This 5-piece bundle of 4-ounce soap bars includes one each of our popular aromatherapy flavors and is a great opportunity to save a few dollars while still enjoying full-sized bars of soap.

Flavors include:

* Rose

* Lavender Rosemary

* Cornmeal Scrub

* Italian Bergamot

* Bamboo Cypress

These are some very delicious smelling soaps that will help to ease your worries and make you feel good, relaxed and a bit happier. Aromatherapy is a fine way to help forget your problems, at least for a moment, and ease your soul! We highly recommend you give these soaps a try!


Lip Balms!

Coming on Tuesday, August 31, we will be offering another new item, Lip Balms! Our Lip Balms are made with an amazing all natural formula, and we will be offering two delicious flavors: Cherry and Vanilla! Check back on Tuesday the 31st to see this exciting new item! We will be selling these awesome Lip Balms for only $1 apiece, so with the cooler autumn weather coming quickly, you might want to stock up and order a couple of these ahead of time!


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