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Post #7: Mane & Beard Shampoo Bars, and more Halloween varieties!


All new Mane & Beard Shampoo Bars

When God created man, he then gave him a beard to keep him warmer and to impress the ladies. We don't know what came first. But we do understand that, at the time, there weren't many ladies around. It was often plenty cold, though! Sometimes it was hot.

We may safely assume that the men of the past would often have their manes and beards tangled and ungroomed because they didn't have our Southern Caracal Shampoo Bar to help them out.

Today, you don't have to cut your beard and mane just because it's tangled up or feels too coarse. You can now get the full advantage of a Mane & Beard Shampoo Bar from Southern Caracal! Available in three of our For Manly Men scents: Bourbon Tobacco, Sandalwood and Dark Strawberry! These are big bars, 6 ounces, and they're sure to last you for a while. Aside from that, they smell great! Try one out today!


More Limited Edition Halloween soaps available now!

Now available, in addition to our signature scent, Jazzmine Apricot, and the delicious Cherry Almond, we have some more favorites available in our Limited Edition Halloween packaging: Orangesicle, Bourbon Tobacco and Black Raspberry!

These are incredibly unique packages, made one at a time, by hand, right here in the great USA. Kentucky, in fact. As are our all-natural handcrafted soaps. We at Southern Caracal like to bring the individualized feeling and quality you just aren't going to get from the major corporations. So get a wonderful skin-healing soap in an amazing package, at an honest price, right here at Southern Caracal, make your skin feel better, and Make Soap Fun Again!



So just a quick update here today to keep y'all up on our newest products. We hope you're liking all the variety we're bringing to the table! We're up to 99 products variants, and can't wait to hit the 100 mark! As always, if you have any suggestions or can think of any products you'd like us to carry, just drop us a note. If you have any questions or comments, drop us a note! We LOVE hearing from our customers.

Y'all have a safe and happy Halloween season, and we thank you for shopping at Southern Caracal! Until next time!

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