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We've got some new goodies!


At Southern Caracal, we're always looking to bring new and interesting quality products to our customers at the lowest possible prices! In this blog post, we'd like to introduce you to some brand new products now available through our online shop OR at our physical location.


Our signature flagship flavor, Jazzmine Apricot!

Cat has helped to develop our brand new signature flagship flavor, Jazzmine Apricot! And YES, we KNOW that's NOT how y'all supposed to spell jasmine. However, we're musicians, and we like to keep things entertaining!

To quote Cat directly: I am very happy to present you our flagship signature flavor, the Jazzmine Apricot line of soaps and lotions! The fresh upbeat notes of jasmine intertwined with the fruity scent of apricot are soaked in a warm wave of vanilla.

Pick your Oatmeal & Honey bar, Oatmeal & Honey Scrub bar, Shampoo bar, or body lotion in Jazzmine Apricot, and allow yourself to relish in its embrace!

Our line of Jazzmine Apricot is unique. You're not going to be able to find another scent like it because it was custom created by Cat, in conjunction with Scott at Sugar Mountain Trading Company. Simply stated, it's delicious!


Blue Raspberry lip balm!

In addition to our popular Cherry and Vanilla lip balms, we've added a brand new flavor, Blue Raspberry! Same as with the Cherry and Vanilla, Blue Raspberry is all natural and comes in a black chapstick-style tube, only the striping on the label is blue to help designate the flavor. The Caracal remains the same, so you're sure it's an authentic and easily-recognizable Southern Caracal product, and that cat is EVERYWHERE! With the great response on our first two lip balm flavors, we thought we'd expand this product category with one more delicious flavor, and we hope you LOVE it!


Exfoliating Soap Savers!

This natural ramie bag can be used for additional exfoliation. Ramie is a natural fiber, a traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate the skin, yet delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling. Simply put your soap bar inside and hang it by the cotton drawstring over your shower head or bathtub tap for storage while keeping it close at hand for the next application. Soak in water for a couple minutes before use, wash afterwards, and dry in a ventilated place.

So these guys are cool, and they serve a dual purpose: Additional exfoliation and soap storage! We highly recommend, upon your next purchase, you add one of these soap savers to your order. For the price we're charging, you might just as well get two. We like these and hope you do, too!


Lemongrass Kitchen Soap!

This is a specially-designed soap that helps to eliminate strong kitchen odors such as fish, onions or garlic. Part of the design of this soap is to be a deep cleanser, with ingredients of activated charcoal, rose clay and coffee. However, it also has a moisturizing function generated by the honey, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and citric acid. So again, a dual-purpose product, scented with lemongrass, that really works and treats you well in two regards! Try a bar today!


Bath Bombs! These are da bomb!

These finely-crafted bath bombs are hand-made in the USA by trained artisans. Indulge in a relaxing bath using one of our wonderfully scented and colored effervescent bath bombs!

We're offering Bath Bombs in ten decadently-delicious flavors: Vanilla Caramel, Sweet Bubblegum, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Madly In Love, Lavender Champagne, Grime Scene, Galactic Fruit, Cotton Candy, Caribbean Coconut and Black Cherry! Enjoy a Southern Caracal Bath Bomb as soon as you can get your hands on one!



At Southern Caracal, we aim to serve our customers! We are constantly looking at adding new products we think our customers will enjoy. However, if you have any suggestions, any products or flavors you'd like to see us carry, please let us know! We're easy to get a hold of. You can use the contact form on the website to send us a message 24/7/365 and let us know what you're thinking about. There's also an email listed on our site where you can send us a message, and we'd encourage you to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, which are additional avenues for contacting us. We're open to suggestions, because we want to provide the best possible service to YOU, our customers, and get you the products you desire at the best prices!

We'd like to thank all our customers for putting your trust in Southern Caracal products and in Cat and myself. We're here to serve you and provide the best possible service. You're invited to subscribe to our site to keep up to date on everything we're doing. And we're going to be doing a LOT!

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